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Aloe Hyaluron Crème with zinc oxide  is soothing and nourishing to the skin with Aloe Vera, Hyaluron (HA), Allantoin, Safflower Oil, Zinc Oxide, Vitamins E, A, and B. Veterinarian recommended.


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Aloe Vera and Phenol in a deep cleansing shampoo base for skin care.

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Aloe Advantage Citronella Shampoo is a non-toxic, all-natural concentrate which leaves coat manageable, deodorized and adds a healthy shine.

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SPF 30

Citronella & Aloe Sun Stick with SPF-30 is a great item that both horse and rider. Apply to areas needing protection from sun. Comes in an easy to use glide on stick.

Not Approved for Sale in California.

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A soothing Aloe base to help cleanse and bring relief to the affected area.

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Aloe Advantage Concentrated Shampoo is professionally formulated to cleanse and condition the hair. Enriched with natural extracts, this all-purpose shampoo moisturizes damaged hair, while adding body and a healthy, lustrous shine.

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Bluing Formula with Herbs

Use all natural Dazzle Shampoo to brighten white areas, get rid of stains, intensify your horses natural color, repair/condition skin and coat, while providing a soothing wash. It’s that simple. This blend of herbal ingredients and cleansers will magnify your horses beauty.

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Removes Tangles

All natural Pro Series creme formula enriched with Aloe vera and Panthenol for maximum absorption. Detangles as it conditions deeply to repair and protect the hair shaft. Long lasting for horse, hound and rider.

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Deep Cleansing Formula

All natural formula for horse, hound and rider. Deeply cleanses the skin and hair, getting rid of build up, dirt and sweat while taming split ends and “frizzies”. Aloe, protein and collagen add strength and condition the hair leaving it shiny and full of body.

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Clinging hydrogel helps maintain a moist skin environment for advanced healing. Phenol inhibits bacteria growth, while Aloe has been clinically proven to increase basal keratinocyte proliferation four fold, meaning increased new cell growth and collagen production. Combine this with Aloe’s ability to dilate capillaries and increase blood supply and the result is faster healing.

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Aloe Advantage Iodine Shampoo with Aloe & Lanolin. Non-staining, conditioning and rich lathering formula.

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Simple as 1-2-3

This revolutionary system is the only product that addresses each stage of the process. Using the MATRIX 3-Step System allows you to quickly, easily and safely cleanse, treat and restore your horse’s affected areas.


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PopperMints are bite size concentrated fortified grain treats for horses, ponies and mules from mini to draft size!

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Body Wash

This hot pink body wash is the ultimate in Pony-Glam! Beware of aggressive bubbles and bubblicious watermelon aroma. It is formulated in a soap and detergent free base made with all natural ingredients. Sham-Pony will not remove topical spot-on fly control products! It is fortified with Aloe Vera to help soothe dry skin.


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High Gloss Body Sheen

Shiny Hiny provides a long lasting effect to help keep your pony’s coat shiny and shimmering clean longer plus keeps the mane and tail tangle free. Shiny Hiny is also an excellent leave-in conditioner. The amount of product used is directly related to the size of your pony’s “Hiny”. Good for all sizes of “ponies” from minnies to drafts. Also great for your canine pooch!


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