DuraMask with Ears


- Now with a name tag!

- 3 Year Warranty

- Clear vision

- Double locking fastener hidden under the jaw

- Comfortable fit with fleece edges

- Available in 3 sizes: Arabian (700-900 lbs.), Horse (900 - 1200 lbs.), and X-Large (1,200 - 1,600 lbs.)

For Use On



- Decreased attraction of debris with fleece trim

- Ears are made of a comfort fit mesh

- Superior eye dart stitching for enhanced safety

- Extra reinforcement for durability

- Excellent quality at an incredible value

- Easy view side window with sizing chart on front of box


- The mask’s edge should reach 1 to 1 1/2 inches below the bottom of your horse’s cheekbone for best coverage.

- Do not make the mask fit too snug; you should be able to easily slip your finger between the mask and your horse’s face.

- To put the mask on, first open the double-locking fastener. Gently place ears on mask over your horse’s ears, then over the face.

- Secure the double-locking fastener under the jaw; make sure to allow several finger-widths between the fastener edge and the horse’s throat latch.

- The fabric of the mask should stand out well away from the eyes, giving total clearance to the eyelashes.

- The eyelashes should never poke through the mask.

- When you’ve fastened the mask with the correct amount of snugness and checked for fit elsewhere, look carefully from the front, side and rear of your horse’s head to be sure the mask clears the eye from every angle, whether his head is lowered or raised.

- We recommend that you remove the mask nightly and check your horse’s face and eye condition.

- Check the mask for damage. Ripped or worn areas of the mask can let insects in and stray fibers from the mesh may irritate your horse, especially if the damaged part is near the eyes. Masks are difficult to repair properly and it’s a good policy to replace the mask when damaged.

- Be sure to keep the mask clean. Simply dunk the mask into a bucket of water with a squirt of mild liquid soap and slosh it around gently until all the dirt has loosened and washed away. Be sure to rinse well. Check the fleece for trapped burrs, etc.


Name Size Code Unit Size Case Size Case Weight
DuraMask with Ears Arabian 7-45801-60021-8 ea. 12 masks/case 7
DuraMask with Ears Horse 7-45801-60020-1 ea. 12 masks/case 7
DuraMask with Ears X-Large 7-45801-60022-5 ea. 12 masks/case 7


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