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Calcium Drench Plus Vitamins


Calcium Drench Plus Vitamins is indicated for use before and after freshening as a milk fever preventative. This product can also be used as an appetite stumulant after calving.

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- Fast-acting aid in the prevention of milk fever

- Contains B vitamins - stimulates the appetite

- Contains Propylene glycol - provides instant energy

- Can be administered safely and efficiently with a drench gun

- Reduces production costs by helping to prevent weight loss and decreased milk production

- More economical compared to other preventatives and treatments - you can prevent milk fever in more animals for less money

- Easier to administer to a large number on animals compared to other preventatives


Calcium chloride, Magnesium chloride, Propylene glycol, Potassium chloride, Riboflavin supplement, Vitamin B12 supplement, Thiamin HCl, Pyridoxin HCl and D-calcium Pantothenate

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (Ca), Min. - 25gm, 12.7%
Calcium (Ca), Max. - 32gm, 15.2%


Provide 200mL precalving and another 200mL post calving. Administer using a drench gun. The drench should be administered slowly between the cheek and the teeth. Do not administer to a cow without a swallowing reflex.


Name Code Unit Size Case Size Case Weight
Calcium Drench Plus Vitamins


Gal 4 45



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