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Pet Gift Giving: It’s Completely Normal Print E-mail

Over half of American pet owners are buying gifts for their pets this Christmas, spending an average of $48 on their animals. Holiday shopping sprees for pets account for around 10 percent of the total amount spent on them throughout the year, which includes food, grooming, health care, accessories, boarding and veterinary care. PetFinder.com reports 63% of dog owners and 58% of people with cats put presents under the Christmas tree or in stockings for their animal family members.

Toys and treats top the list, based on research and polls conducted during the last several holiday shopping seasons by the Associated Press(AP)/Petside.com. Each year, owners can choose among more and more pet products and pet gifts. Current trends, notes the American Pet Product Association, feature specialty items from retailers such as Omaha Steaks selling steak pet treats and Paul Mitchell providing a full range of pet shampoos and hygiene products.

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"It’s quite natural to want to give gifts to pets: It’s part of the innate human need to nurture."

Dogs Get The Hits, But Cats Claim The Fame Print E-mail

For dogs, the ‘hits’ on the Internet just keep coming – and so do the ‘likes’ and ‘talking abouts’ and most other online metrics used to gage what’s hot and who’s not. To the surprise of true Internet travelers – who, says Digital Trends, a Portland, Oregon, high tech lifestyle technology news and information website, have a bias toward cats – dogs are the more popular pet.

Current analytics from Facebook, Google, Instagram and You Tube back that up. Digital Trends reports dog news and topics received three times the ‘likes’ and ‘talking abouts’ on Facebook than cats as of June 2013. Specifically, Facebook’s Graph Search puts the numbers at 6.6 million ‘likes’ for dogs versus 2.1 million for cats. As for ‘talking abouts’ it is 17,450 for dogs and 6,118 for cats.

Google’s measurements are a little more complex, but its graphs and trend lines show dogs draw about twice the search interest as cats. But cat lovers who deal with these Internet metrics argue the results simply mean dog owners need more advice on taking care of their animals. One analyst at Digital Trends notes wryly that when feline enthusiasts ‘google’ information about cats they “probably get something back that reads put out the food, pet when on lap and get used to being ignored.” So cat people don’t look for anything much beyond that.

Dogs come out on top with photos on Instagram, too, although their lead shrinks to a 25 percent margin. On YouTube cats have narrowed the gap to 20 percent.

Animal Tails Dogs Get The Hits, But Cats Claim The Fame
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