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It's All About the User Experience


We developed our newly branded www.durvet.com to further promote Durvet and our various pet, equine and livestock products. We wanted to create a better user experience with easier navigation, brighter, more attractive graphics and more resources to help you find the product you are searching for.


Multiple Navigation Sources – There are five navigational menus on the new Durvet website.

  • Search Box – Allows users to search the entire website by entering in the name of the product, a short description (i.e. grooming), or even a UPC code – as long as all hyphenation is represented (#-#####-######-#).

  • Top Menu – – Contains essential information about Durvet including contact information for our staff as well as for our dealers and distributors. Users can find dealer and distributor zip locators to pin point the location nearest to them.

  • Brand Menu – Blends design elements with function. The Brand Menu reinforces the Durvet Brand with its product/species categories (Livestock, Companion and Equine). These categories and their specified colors can be seen on Durvet collateral, letterhead and business cards. Instead of being merely a design element the Brand Menu also functions as a quick link menu, which will connect a viewer to a list of all the Durvet products within that particular species category.

  • Product Catalog Menu – The left hand column of the website is reserved for the Durvet Product Catalog. A user can find a product within the catalog by selecting the vertical drop down menu to find a product for a specific animal or general category. This menu also allows users to view Durvet’s New Products, search via specific Durvet brand names (i.e. No-Bite or Aloe Advantage) or see a list of our vendor brands.

  • Resource Menu – Is actually three individual boxes that are categorized by function.

    • Resources – Directs users to additional resources and literature:

      • Durvet Rewards

      • ProfitBuilder Magazine Publications

      • Press Releases for Durvet Products

      • Durvet’s Product Brochures categorized by species

      • Website Guide

    • Latest News and Updates – Allows users to see what articles, publication or press releases have recently been added to the Durvet site.

    • Popular – Allows users to see where others visitors are going on the Durvet website and what they are reading.

Non-Menu Navigation Sources – There are many other elements users can call on to find the product they’re looking for:

  • Scrolling Logo Bar – If a user needs a visual reminder, the logo bar at the bottom of the front page of the site has a list of the most popular Durvet product lines. If users recognize the logo, they can click on it on the scrolling bar, and the site will link them to a page list of the related products.

  • Web Banners and Sliders – All of the website banners on the site have the capability of linking to a specific page on the site. This can be helpful for advertising or promoting a specific product or line. The image slider at the top of the Durvet front pages acts as an intro Splash Page as well as a web banner.

  • Breadcrumbs – A subtle form of navigation, breadcrumbs leave a visual trail of where a user has been within the product catalog. This trail can be seen on the top left corner of the website content box.


Website Components


Search Engine – the search engine component is a navigational system that allows users to search the entire website by typing a product name or descriptive term.


Product Catalog – consists of Categories and Tags.

  • Categories (Species)

  • Tags (New Products, No-Bite, Aloe Advantage, etc.)


Contact Directory – Located in the top menu bar, this directory lets users retrieve Durvet contact info, send a message with our contact form and see a list of our current Durvet employees.

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